Word Worm

A unique and challenging word game where you trace the path of words hidden within a maze of letters. Play online or as a tabletop boardgame.

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A uniquely challenging word game!

Pick a theme and find the hidden words. One word leads to the next. Words go in all directions.

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Word Worm can be accessed in five ways:

  • FREE Daily Printable Downloads
  • FREE Online Web App
  • Lasercut Tabletop Boardgame
  • Subscription to create your own puzzles.
  • Syndication for newspapers.

Printable Downloads
A completely different set of Word Worms is available as printable downloads. We create a new game every few days.

The games are free for personal use. If you reproduce one of our games, please credit and link to www.Brainy.games.


Ideal for travel like plane trips or just filling in time anywhere like on the beach, Word Worm is sure to please any word game lover.

Just print off a bunch of pages for free.

How to Play

Find the first letter of the first word on the left or top of the maze. Work your way through the maze. The last letter of the previous word is the first letter of the next word. For example, with the words

Elements: Carbon Neon Nickel Lithium Mercury Yttrium

First Names: Mark Konrad Denise

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WORD WORM is a tabletop game of making words on a dynamically changing board. Two or more players compete to make words from any number of contiguously adjacent letters.

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Word Worms is available for free for your desktop or mobile device as a clickable web app. If you'd like to create your own puzzles, subscribe for a low-cost an annual subscription.



Word Worm is available for newspaper syndication. Daily (PDF) games and solutions can be generated by subscription for direct insertion into your publication.